Muslim charities in the US facing a climate of fear

 The fear of ending up on some goverment watch list for aiding terrorism threatens donations to American Muslim Charities that usually benefit from zakat given during the month of Ramadan that began in US on Oct.15.2004 Muslim organizations say members are afraid to give money to Muslim Charities organizations and many more of those who do donate are opting to give cash instead of checks.In the newest attack on Islamic non profit companies, on Oct. 13, 2004 , US government bodies froze the resources of the Sudan-based Islamic The u. s. declares of the usa Comfort Company (IARA) with an office in Mexico, Mo, and charged five of its government bodies of helping finance Osama bin Packed and the Palestinian organization Hamas. The providers also explored home of its home. Previously in the day, the U.S. Treasury Division specific the IARA and five of its worldwide authorities as financial gives of terrorists. The status gets frozen IARA's resources and records and makes it a criminal activity to give rise to the team.

Over the past three decades, government government bodies have raided and closed down three major Islamic non profit companies, two in Chi town and one in Paterson, New Shirt. The u. s. declares of the usa Muslims said they were concerned about this week’s attack that writing a contribution check could bring FBI providers to their gates.

Amaney Jamal, a New york School lecturer who lately finished a study of the Dearborn, Mich, Arab-American group, said the doubt is one of the most upsetting problems Muslims feel these days. "If someone says to me, `Do you want to back up an orphan for US$30 a month?' I say, `Sure, that's a royal cause.' And then later someone comes and scrapes on my door and says, `Her dad was a destruction bomber,"' Jamal said. "Charity giving to the Arabic world has become a big no-no." One result has been an increase in non-traceable cash contributions to regional mosques or spiritual companies. "They don't want to write assessments or use bank cards," Jamal said.

The "Cat Stevens affair" is seen another recent example. Yusuf Islam, a popular musician in the Seventies, when he was known as Cat Stevens, was prohibited last 30 days from coming into the United States because he purportedly reinforced enemy categories through contributions he made to Islamic non profit companies. The situation against Yusuf Islam, whom most Muslims respect as a average speech, has had a cooling effect on regional Muslims. If it could occur to the man who had written "Peace Practice," it could occur to anyone, they say.

"If they have a issue with this guy, there is not an imam in the whole of The u. s. declares that the U.S. management would not have a issue with," said Asad Zaman, treasurer of the Islamic The u. s. declares of the usa Society's New york section. "We do not understand that the management is trying to help. We think they're trying to put a cap on Islamic charitable organisation, and we don't like it."John Conway, an FBI broker in Newark, said law-abiding Muslims who provide to genuine non profit companies have nothing to worry. But he recognized that a business current today might not be several decades from now. "It's completely easy to understand that individuals would have issues about that,"he said. "If it's a team that gives money to destruction bombers or to Hamas, then you run into a situation where there's a probability their name may come up at some time."U.S. Rep Kenny Hulshof, R-Columbia, in a news launch targeted to assure anyone who might have contributed to IARA, said: "Treasury government bodies factor out that individuals who have given contributions to IARA in excellent trust, prior to Wed, need not worry about the validity of their contribution."FBI spokesperson Mark Lanza would not validate whether Ramadan was a factor in the moment of the raids. "The performance of the search guarantee came out of the needs of the continuous research, eventually," he said. "However, we are also delicate to those issues."Many The u. s. declares of the usa Islamic loyality categories have suggested that a line must be attracted between monitoring non profit companies and disrupting an person's right to practice his or her belief. The California-based companies, The u. s. declares of the usa Islamic Voice and Islamic Community Matters Authorities, have suggested that the ability to give rise to charitable organisation is both an The u. s. declares of the usa right and, for Muslims, a spiritual commandment.

Council on American-Islamic Matters Devices Director, Ibrahim Hooper, requested individuals to hold verdict until proof reveals or disproves a link to terrorism. Treasury Division activities against do not use the same standard of proof that legal courts need, said Hooper. “Sometimes management activities that don't need proof of criminal activities are enforced, and, in effect, it has the same effect as if they had been found guilty of a criminal activity,” Hooper said. “In each situation, we ask that the charitable organisation have their day in judge, proof be provided and that the charitable organisation have the constitutionally secured right to meet that proof according to historical The u. s. declares of the usa customs of due process.”

A spokesperson for InterAction, the U.S. managing and policy body for more than 160 worldwide non profit companies, said IARA was a member current and was in conformity with the company's non-reflex requirements for management and techniques.Sid Balman Jr., home of communications, said his agency neither plans its associates nor functions as a regulator.“Certainly, we expect that our associates are not involved in terrorism or the assistance of it,” Balman said. “But I would note that the Islamic The u. s. declares of the usa Comfort Company has not been charged in a judge in this country of anything.”